As of this morning the biggest technology company in the world, Vision, has claimed governance of the now independent state of the Internet. Of course it was a long time coming that the Internet would be proclaimed an independent state. The real question is what will the changes be, now Vision has officially taken control of our lives. Practically not much has changed. Vision was already in control of the majority of the internet. And we were already living our digital lives under their watch and with their inventions.
    In an interview with Vision they say the main change will be faster implementation of changes in software and hardware. Now that they are the authority of this state, they no longer have to waste precious time on approval from the government.
    Arcell Brayon, spokesperson for Vision tells us; "Vision looks forward to creating a better world for all our users. And without restrictions or setbacks that regulations from governments bring with them, we will bring these changes very soon."
    Source: The World Online, 7 September, 2061

We are living in a post-material world and I'm a post-material girl



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